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Bob Iger Is Being Paid Too Much Says Disney Heiress

Bob Iger, who is the CEO for Disney gets an annual compensation of $65.6 million. This whooping amount of compensation is termed as insane by the granddaughter of Disney’s co- founder. Abigail Disney commented that there is a huge gap between the pay out of Iger and his employees. Abigail is a philanthropist and also heiress to the company. She mentioned this obscure gap in salary at the Fast Company Impact Council which was held on last Thursday. The fact that Iger’s salary was 1424 more times than that of an average Disney employee came up at an Equilar survey.

Abigail has previously criticized Iger’s pay amount. She posted several tweets on Saturday which said that though personally she is a big fan of Iger, she is not able to support the whooping amount of salary he gets.

One of the representatives from Walt Disney informed that 90% of the CEO’s salary is based on the performance. He also said that Iger has delivered outstanding value for the company stakeholders. The spokesperson also stated that the market capitalization for the company has grown immensely in last 10 years. The amount was $75 billion in March. The share price for Disney was $24 per share in 2005. This was the same year when Iger joined the company. Now the share price stands at $132 per share. The representative stated that the huge profit which Disney makes under the leadership of Bob Iger is ultimately helping the thousands of employees working under him.

He also informed that Disney has invested considerable amount in employee welfare. Disneyland has a $15 hourly wage while $150 million has been used to help hourly employees complete their college education. On the other hand Abigail informed that she has donated $70 million since she was 21.

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